How We Make Our Guacamole

The way we make our guacamole is what makes it taste so good. Here we break down each part of how it’s made.

Step 1

The first ingredient is Hass avocados. We hand-scoop them to ensure only the best part of the fruit goes into every package. (P.S. did you know avocado is actually a fruit? Learn more here.)


Step 2

Once the avocados are scooped, we mix in the other ingredients to make the final flavor. We use real ingredients you can pronounce! And we never use other chemicals or added preservatives in our recipes.

Step 3

What is high pressure processing? It’s all-natural, and protects the inner part of the avocado (the good stuff) and keeps it from turning brown. The process uses cold water at high pressure instead of chemicals or other methods that can suck the flavor out of food. It’s what makes WHOLLY GUACAMOLE® products taste so delicious.

Why high pressure processing?
Because it has a lot of benefits:

  • Preserves food naturally
  • Uses only water, no chemicals
  • Keeps the rich avocado flavor
  • Kills bacteria

It’s safer

High pressure processing also kills bacteria naturally, including the ones that affect food safety like salmonella. That means you’re eating guacamole with delicious flavor, vitamins and minerals—and is safe.

It’s better for the environment

In 2009, we started documenting our waste stream, our water use and other processes that directly impact sustainability.

Now you can enjoy guacamole at home without the effort of having to make it every time.